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One of the best things about the Ant Street Inn is the scrumptuous breakfast that is provided for us.  Each morning has new treats, with promises of the recipe before we leave on Sunday evening!

What a great way to start the day, enjoying the morning with new and old friends.
Many lacers rise early and enjoy a cup of coffee and visit in their jammies in the sitting area where we just had the wine and cheese reception!

Many lacers are caught up in the "party favor" spirit!  The committee showers the lacemakers with gifts, and several of the participants join in.  Gifts ranging from stickers to cookies and sweets to miniature pin cushions are bestowed upon the lucky participants!

Laurie Hughes and Margo Winstead are delighted by Pat Bailey's gifts of
stickers that match the theme- Hearts!

Judy Aycock distributes yet another party favor to fellow lacers.

Doreen Delgado, Louise Colgan, Patsy Jewell, Carole Sattler, and Pat Bailey anxiously
await the beginning of class after breakfast.

Gerda Wrede, Judy Ward, TaRita Campbell, and Debra Lathan pose in the
dining room of the Ant Street Inn prior to class.

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